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Is it possible to get rid of a natural scowl with Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_73255162Q. I’m a 19 year old male and for awhile I’ve had a natural deep scowl. Botox is for older people but could it be used to smooth out these lines? A. ​This is a good question which is confused by many patients! ​Thanks for sharing your photo as it illustrates folding along the:
  1. ​Eyelid and cheek (nasojugal fold),
  2. ​Nose and cheek (nasolabial fold), and
  3. ​Cheek and chin (marionette fold)
​which is deeper than I would expect to see in a 19 year old. Is it possible you have lost enough weight that any skin relaxation would slide downward creating these folds? ​ ​Botox is useful to rebalance facial expression such as a scowl by muscle relaxation when a skin wrinkle is created by a attached underlying facial expression muscle. Botox or other muscle relaxers such as Dysport are typically used for the creases and lines:
  1. ​Between the eyebrows (glabella),
  2. ​Outer eye creases (crow’s feet),
  3. ​Forehead lines.
​ ​In your case, Botox will not help your folds. These are passive folds created by looser skin draping in a downward direction. ​ ​Options may include:
  1. ​Fillers
  2. ​Lifts ​
​It is best for you to obtain a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon’s consultation for proper evaluation and discussion what option(s) are best for you. ​ ​I hope this was helpful! All the best!
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