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I’m skinny, am I a candidate for a Tummy Tuck? And also should I get a Breast Implant or lift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A.

Q. I’m 37 years old, I had my first son when I was 19, since then I have Had lots of stretchmarks in my tummy, I’m very skinny and I always been fit… So I learned to live with it, people used to tell me I’m too skinny to get a tummy tuck… But Im ready now to do something about it, I want to be able to wear bikini… I’m 93 lbs and 5’1. Should I get a mini tummy tuck? A full tummy tuck? Or should I consider other options like laser. A. Pregnancy certainly can create havoc with a woman’s body! ​Despite some stretch marks, you appear to have fared well. ​ ​There are various options are for tummy or trunk, arms and leg contouring. These options are dependent on your skin laxity and the areas of liposuction contouring you wish or need. You can consider: 1. a traditional tummy tuck where the ab muscles are tightened, the sides are liposuction contoured, the excess skin is removed, the mons lifted and a new belly button is created. 2. a mini-tummy tuck where the skin below the belly button is removed and mons lifted. 3. a panniculectomy / lipo-sculpting where the large lower roll of tummy skin is removed and the upper tummy and sides and / or back are reduced with liposuction. A similar technique is used for the upper arms called brachioplasty or thighs called thigh-plasty. 4. a body lift used with patients who have super-skin excess and the tummy, sides and back skin are lifted with or without muscle tightening. 5. liposuction of the circumfirential trunk for body contouring. 6. liposuction of partial areas such as the front abdomen with and without muscle etching, love handles, inner and outer thighs, arms, neck; any of which use traditional, syringe and ultrasonic liposculpting. 7. Please consider the newest non-surgical, non-invasive technique to reduce body fat bulges and rolls! CoolSculpting is tried and true for focused areas of fat thinning such as: Tummy pooch and love-handles Breast rolls and back rolls Man-breasts Inner thigh and under the butt “banana-roll” Outer thigh and arms   Other areas patients have used CoolSculpting are: The bulge adjacent to a scar, Tightness around the arm, waist or thighs in clothing, and Residual fullness after liposuction or tummy tuck. I am not a fan of laser or skin tightening. The results are miserable and not long lasting.   The different breast lift / augmentation and reduction options depending on your needs: 1. a crescent lift to raise the areola 2. a donut lift will raise the areola, make it smaller and partially lift the breast 3. a vertical lift or mastopexy is used to further lift the breast as well as make the areola smaller 4. a traditional or “T” lift is necessary in larger women with more loss of volume to lift the breast 5. Any of these lifts can and are combined with a breast enlargement if desired using saline (salt water) or silicone gel implants 6. Some patients may wish to improve the contour along the side breast roll with liposuction 7. Breast reduction   While all of this is not specific to you, it is a lot to consider! I recommend you obtain the evaluation and recommendations of a well seasoned and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in consultation. Good luck!
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