I’m almost 29 and I want to look as young as I feel, yet my tear troughs are holding me back!

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A eyes  Q. I had tear trough injections about eight months ago. 0.5cc of Restylane under each eye using the microcannula. Is this a good choice for now as well? ​ ​A.  I see several areas of pre-mature aging around the eyes including:
  • brow descent
  • upper eyelid skin relaxation and fullness
  • lower lid rounding
  • cheek tissue separation, descent and loss of volume. ​ ​Tear Trough fill at the dermal or deep layers may partially help for a short time but give you near immediate results. ​ ​Consider consulting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to provide an examination of your full face and neck and review your short term and longer term options. ​ ​These may include:
  • Botox to elevate and arch the brows
  • Upper eyelid lift
  • Lower eyelid lift
  • with or without mid-face lift
  • use of fillers, fat or implant for greater cheek projection.
  • Skin rejuvenation with a Certified ZO Obagi Skin Health Team
​ ​All the best to you!
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