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How long we need to wait to breastfeed/get pregnant after getting Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I did not know that I couldn’t do Botox while I was nursing my 3 month old, yet the plastic surgeon did say it was OK when I raised my concern before the injection of 25 units. When I got other information after the injection it was already too late and I immediately stopped breastfeeding. My question is how long should I wait to start breastfeeding again? And how long to get pregnant again? Is there any way to help metabolize Botox faster like more sports or taking more certain food? A. ​The same Botox medication is used cosmetically and therapeutically. ​ ​Cosmetically, Botox use is recommended against while pregnant or breast feeding. Presuming: ​1. Botox effects are local, tiny and occur within an hour of injection.  The molecule is broken down soon after, and ​2. Your infant has not suffered any concerns, ​I do not anticipate any further effects or issues to you or your baby. You should review this concern with your Obstetrician! ​ ​Therapeutically, Botox is used for many medically indicated procedures with gastro-intestinal, neurological and urologic muscle spasms. Certainly, these issues arise during pregnancy or nursing. I do not know the manufacturers or FDA recommendations of Botox’s therapeutic use during pregnancy or nursing but you may contact the Consumer line at Allergan Pharmaceutical at 1-800-433-8871  regarding these issues. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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