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How frequently are Botox injections needed to freeze the aging process

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A 
woman applies moisturizer onto face

woman applies moisturizer onto face

Q. How frequently are Botox injections needed to freeze the aging process? I am a 28-year-old female with fairly well-preserved skin (few wrinkles and minimal sun damage). I want to know what kinds of cosmetic procedures I should be doing now to maintain the current status of my skin and to stave off the onset of wrinkles. I know the norm for Botox injections is 4-6 months, but are these injections ineffective if I wait longer? Would other cosmetic procedures would be a better fit for me? A. Thanks for this question. It is wonderful that younger individuals are desirous to preserve their skin on the outside but also your tissues and organs (hopefully) on the inside. Unfortunately, while exponential progress is being made on the art of anti-aging, there are no magic answers but a few active lifestyle changes you can make to preserve yourself from the environment and possible optimize what your parents gave you. ​ ​The aging process appears to be passive. Once you have reached the age beyond procreation, it is as if life need us no further. ​Genes which direct the growth and repair aspects of our bodies down-regulate and with it:
  • ​hormones diminish and become imbalanced
  • ​the immune system weakens
  • ​the repair systems of our bodies seem to go to sleep
​and with this:
  • ​our skin creases, pigments and withers,
  • ​brain function diminishes,
  • ​bones dematerialize and joints lose cartilage,
  • ​body organs reduce efficiency
  • ​and so much more.
​Like I said though, no need to become depressed or desperate! Medical breakthroughs are here and getting better. ​ ​Classic reads include: Ronald Klatz, MD, Aubrey de Grey, PhD, and others. DO NOT PROCEED WITH ANY PERSONAL THERAPIES WITHOUT THE PROPER EVALUATION OF A BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIAN! ​ ​Initially, I review my patients’ medical history and provide an examination to direct and manage their anti-aging care. Some generalities include:
  • Use preventable techniques to preserve your skin, eyes and other organs and diminish the risk of trauma before they occur!
  • ​use sunscreen and proper skin cover,
  • ​Yes, use Botox but this is a muscle relaxer to reduce active wrinkle lines when used cosmetically,
  • ​Consider the ZO Obagi Skin Health system to upregulate skin turnover and proper skin function,
  • ​Moderate exercise and very low bad carbohydrate, higher protein diet with good fats,
  • ​a low dosage daily multi-vitamin, anti-oxidants and minerals,
  • clean water ​hydration,
  • ​sleep and reduced stress, meditation relaxation.
​The list goes on but no one is living past 120 years. The future appears to be in the genes. ​ ​I hope this has been a bit educational and YOU will contribute to the medical “fountain of youth.” All the best!

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