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How do “stem cell Facelifts” compare to fat grafting and/or fillers?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. This is a follow up to my question about stem cell facelifts. I realized upon reading the answers that I asked the wrong question. I am deciding between having fat injections, having stem cell injections (ie what’s called ‘stem cell facelift’) and having Voluma injections. Is there advantage of one over the other for achieving volume? A. When fat is removed for use as a graft, stem cells are a tiny portion which is only useful after they have been concentrated, and stimulated. The FDA does not approve stem cells for use in fat grafting or face lifting and only the processing of stem cells are FDA approved. “Stem Cell Face Lifts” are a marketing term used by some to indicate that the fat used in fat grafting (may or may not) have been centrifuged to improve the quality of fat injected and may contain unstimulated stem cells. ​Voluma is the latest of evolving gel fillers called hyaluronic acid. It, like other HA’s have FDA approval for safe and efficacious use according to the manufactures request for marketing. Other HA’s also fill or volumize the tissues according to their characteristics and the skill of the injector. ​ ​Please obtain consultation from a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or other expert Injector with a wide armamentarium of filler options do match your desires with their skills. ​ ​All the best! Dr. Dean Kane
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