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Am I a good candidate for restylane? Do I have under eye hollowing?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A.

Q.  I’m very unshutterstock_16773217happy with the way my under eye looks. Would I need more than one syringe? I’ve been saving up for a while, so far I have saved $700. I am looking for a skilled surgeon in the New York City area because I live in Brooklyn, but the search is so over whelming at times. Any advice, (PLEASE!!!!!) would be greatly appreciated.   A.  ​The fold under the eye is due to complex changes occurring during aging. These include:
  1. ​reduction in the fat volume,
  2. ​separation and descent of the distinct packets of fat in the eyelid and cheek,
  3. ​laxity and elongation of the cheek and jowl skin and underlying tissues,
  4. ​and other changes.
It is best to be evaluated by a well experienced, Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial injector to identify what is best for you. Injectibles are very injector dependent upon their knowledge of anatomy and skill level. Choose wisely. Thank you for sharing your photos. You may achieve the results you are looking for with fillers but it will require more than one cc (syringe) of gel filler. You may wish to consider other options. As you have inquired on Real Self, you may wish to review other responses to lead you to a qualified injector in your area. I wish you the best!  
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