Dr. Dean Kane Q&A – Is midface reduction a good treatment for a prominent nasal spine + long midface?

Question from California City, CA: Hi, i have a long midface (made up of a long nose) coupled with a prominent nasal spine, so prominent/low down that it pushes my lip down and gives me collumellar show and makes my nose droop. Is a midface reduction a good option along with a anterior nasal spine reduction? 

 Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore:

The mid-face is considered that triangular area of the cheeks from: 

1.     the eye-lid / cheek crease above, 

2.     to the naso-labial and lateral nose centrally, 

3.     and the corner of the lips to the high point on the mid-cheek.

Lifting the mid-face is performed through different ways and requires significant skill by your surgeon. 

The nasal spine is not part of this feature. It is hidden under the columella or fleshy division of one nostril with the other. Removing the nasal spine may further lengthen your upper lip and possibly create a droopy nasal tip. These photos do not provide enough visualization of the length of your nose.

Based on these photos, these are not procedures I would necessarily recommend. You may be best off with proper skin healthcare and fillers. 

Please, consult several well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons or Facial ENT’s to identify what is best for you.

All the best!

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