Does CoolSculpting change your fat as well as reduce bulges?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_38910175Q. Does CoolSculpting change your fat as well as reduce bulges? I have had CoolSculpting in several different areas. In each area done and others NOT done (like my arms), I have noticed much firmer fat as well as the reduction in bulges. It actually looks like fat has been redistributed because bulges are clearly gone but the measurements are exactly the same. The increased firmness is good, but I have not read anything about this kind of result so curious about what might be the reason. A. CoolSculpting (CS) is a non-surgical option for fat reduction. It is limited in the amount of fat reduction due to the size of the applicator and the percentage of fat which dies and eliminated by the body. ​When surgical liposuction is performed, up to 90% of the fat in a well contoured area may be reduced and removed. Generally 1000’s of cc’s of fat are removed at one surgical session. With CS, up to 20% of the fat “frozen” in each applicator (depending on size) will die. It is my “guestimation” that 50 to 100 cc’s of fat are eliminated during each one hour session. ​If you maintain the same weight, the calories lost in the fat reducing process, whether surgical or non-surgical, have been consumed again to be redistributed in remaining live fat cells. It is your individual genetics which determines which cells and therefore where the fat cells hypertrophy (get bigger). You may certainly have noticed greater firmness in your arms for example if the fat cells grew larger within the same sleeve of skin. ​In my practice, recommendations are made to reduce the number of calories in or expend the number of calories out for the amount of fat reduced; no matter what technique is used. I hope this has been helpful. All the best!
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