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Do I need a face lift in my late 20’s?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. Do I need a face lift in my late 20’s? I have sagging skin and noticeable nasolabial folds. I’m also a bit underweight. Am I too young for a facelift? I’m 27. A. With minimal incision techniques, patients are entertaining the idea of surgical face lifting techniques at a younger age now, but new non-surgical and minimally invasive options are available to rejuvenate many of these younger patients concerns. In your case, I visualize some laxity, volume loss and maybe flat cheek bones. While a mini-facelift is a consideration for those who desire to remain thin with no added volume of the face, I believe you may be pleased with: 1. Deep Cheek fillers 2. Dermal nasolabial fillers 3. Dermal lateral commissure and marionette fold filler 4. ZO Skin Health including retinoids, chemical peels and / or laser to improve the texture of your skin and firm its mild laxity. It is best for you to obtain an proper examination with a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic ENT Facial Surgeon and / or Dermatologist to determine what options are best for you. I hope this has been helpful. All the best!  
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