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CoolSculpting treatment be performed for maximum effect?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. How soon should the second CoolSculpting treatment be performed for maximum effect? I just had my first treatment today (love handles, upper ab, lower ab). I’m 69″ and 153lbs and 32 years old. I’m fairly thin, just want to get rid of the ‘spare tire’ I haven’t been able to shed since my early 20s. I believe I’ll need one more treatment (at least on upper and lower abs) for the results I want to see. The nurse who did the treatment wants me to come back in 4 weeks (6 at the latest) for ‘maximum results’. Just want a second opinion on if I should do next treatment this soon or if I should wait. A. ​Anticipate 8 to 12 weeks before you visualize the results of your first treatment and plan accordingly for a second treatment over the first session areas. If these are new areas, proceed when you are ready. ​It takes no less than 4 weeks for the apoptotic effect of cell cooling to stop cell function and involute. The cells are then broken down and removed by the inflammatory white cells. In addition to the inflammatory effects of the suction, swelling and adjacent tissue injury by the CoolSculpting (CS) process, you will not begin to see the positive outcome of each session for 8 weeks. ​ ​During the swelling period after each CS session which may take 3 weeks or longer to diminish, the fat cells are further away from the skin. There is increased blood flow to the area as well (which decreases the effectiveness of CS due to the added warmth of circulation). ​It is for this reason that the CoolSmooth applicator with only a single cooling surface is not as effective BUT is useful in areas that the traditional applicators sucking in a bulge of skin and fat cannot provide this therapy. ​During the period of swelling, the tissues are firmer, ie. indurated and will not suction into the base of the applicator cup as easily either, rendering a less effective 2nd session. ​ ​I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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