CoolSculpting Seminar and Live Demonstration with Dr. Dean Kane at his Baltimore Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery on Thursday July 26 at 1:00

Its finally here the newest technology to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat without surgery, without scars, no anesthesia and NO Downtime. It is as good as it sounds. Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Maryland is now offering Coolsculpting the coolest way to a hot body. Come to the Coolsculpting Seminar at  his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and learn how you can freeze away fat. Watch a live demonstration of someone receiving the Coolsculpting treatment. During the seminar, Dr. Dean Kane will explain what is coolsculpting? How and why Coolsculpting works to destroy the fat cells of the body through this newest cooling technology. Information about the Coolsculpting Seminar can be found on or call his office at 410-602-3322 to RSVP. On the day of the seminar, Dr. Dean Kane is offering free consultations to determine if you are a candidate for the Coolsculpting procedure. Those who attend will be offered very special introductory pricing.

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