Coolsculpting, Liposcution and Tummy Tuck Differences Discussed in Free Seminar given by Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Maryland July 26

Dr. Dean Kane will be offering a free Coolsculpting Seminar with a live demonstration of the Coolsculpting procedure on Thursday, July 26 at 1:00 at his Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa. Dr. Kane plans to discuss who are candidates for liposuction, tummy tucks versus Coolsculpting. While liposuction is ideal for those individuals who want full circumferential trunk reductions, coolsculpting is best for specific fat bulges such as love handles, lower and upper stomach belly fat as well as back rolls and breast rolls. Dr. Kane also feels that for men who are unhappy with their Man Breasts or gynecomastia that Coolsculpting will be ideal procedure for men’s chests.

But Coolsculpting is not the appropriate choice when women or men have lose excess skin laxity from massive weight loss or after pregnancies where tummy tucks and body lifts are the most effective way to tighten and remove skin laxity issues. Coolsculpting would not correct for any skin looseness or cellulite. Dr Kane being an experienced plastic surgeon for over 25 years feels Coolsculpting will have a very strong place in offering people a fast, safe and very effective approach of reducing unwanted stubborn body fat with no surgery, no scars and no downtime as long the right candidates are appropriately chosen. With a complete consultation and evaluation, Dr. Kane determines who is most appropriate for a tummy tuck, liposuction or coolsculpting or combinations of all three. For those people who attend the Free Coolsculpting Seminar they will view the before and after photos of  patients with liposuction, tummy tucks and coolsculpting to understand the differences and learn who would be the best candidate for each procedure. People attending will also be offered a free consultation on the day of the seminar. Must RSVP on or call 410-602-3322. JoyConsultVideo_Image_copy
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