Can this be corrected? Do I need another dose of Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A botox Q. I had my first Botox five days ago and I am 32 years old. The forehead lines are gone but I cannot lift my inner eyebrows but on the tail of my brows swiftly goes straight up like a rocket. I have this tired and angry look after my Botox treatment. Can this be corrected? Do I need another dose of Botox? Please help me. I will revisit my doctor in two weeks and would appreciate your advice. A.​ My guess based on this is you received a very adequate dose of Botox to control the muscles which produce a scowl appearance and reduce the folds between your brows. ​ ​The muscles of facial expression produce the uplift of the brows and reduction of the central forehead wrinkles as well. ​ ​It is best to wait for the Botox to optimize its effect and re-evaluate the unopposed action of the muscles not relaxed all at one time; usually 2 weeks after injection. ​ ​A well experienced and Board Certified Injector will provide for you the balance needed to reduce the “peaking” eyebrows and any other muscle dynamics to give you the harmonious expression you wish. ​ ​All the best! ​
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