Can the fat removed in liposuction be used to fill other areas?

shutterstock_79121995Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. Can the fat removed in liposuction be used to fill other areas?     A. Liposuction provides a “reduction” enhancement of fat leading to a contour change for example around the tummy or thighs, arms and “bra” fat. A resurgence in the use of fat grafting is occuring with the discovery of the stem cells and fat cell potential for rejuvenation. In fact, fat properly removed and cleansed at the time of liposuction contouring is the perfect free filler. The Brazilian Butt Lift, not a lift at all but a combination of lipocontouring and fat grafting is producing all those beautiful behinds that mom and dad didn’t give you genetically. Many other uses for the fat rejuvenates and fills the appearance of aging or sagging areas including: Face: cheeks, temples, jaw line, asymmetries, lips, earlobes, lines, folds and wrinkles, The back of your hands and fingers from sun beaten, boney and tendonous older hands to youthful and skin rejuvenated improvements Fuller breasts without implants or for congenital asymmetry or following biopsies, lumpectomies and radiation Discuss this possibility with your well experienced Plastic Surgeon to improve the contour and rejuvenate your soft tissues. I wish you the best!
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