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Can Restylane Silk be used for both tear trough and lip areas?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I have thin lips and issues with minor sunken in tear troughs so i wanted to use 1 (syringe) filler for both procedures first my lips and whatever I had left would go to tear trough area. Is it safe for both areas? The lip goal I had was Kylie Jenner’s so I wanted opinions on what filler she might of used? How much would be needed to get the same result? A. ​The lips, in particular, require injection artistry with different style filler to volumize versus project the: 1. Pink or vermillion lip 2. Project from the wet, underside of lip 3. Highlight the white line and philtrum 4. Hide or soften the peri-oral lines 5. Turn the “frown, up-side down”, ie. elevate the corners of the mouth and fill the marionette fold / line. ​ ​Tear Trough injections also need talent and artistry to fill the trough from deep below to reduce the blue tindel response and elevate the sunken fat compartments of the cheek / lid junction. ​ ​Using a thinner product like Silk is excellent when you wish for a dermal line to be improved. I have found it remarkable for:
  1. ​Peri-oral lip lines
  2. ​Lateral commissure (lip corners) and marionette fold fill and lift
  3. ​Crow’s feet around the eyes
  4. ​Forehead lines
​ ​​Beware that Silk is different! It is very hydrophilic and will attract a lot of swelling. Because of this, 1 cc will go a long way but not necessarily fulfill your entire wish list. If used improperly over the eyelids, it may be upsetting to you ​ ​Consult with a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial Surgeon who understands the anatomy and has a artistic touch as well. ​ ​I hope this has been helpful. All the best!
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