Can I have Cryolipolysis in the same area I already had lipo?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.15.22 PM Q. Can I have Cryolipolysis in the same area I already had lipo? I had lipo on my belly two years ago and am not fully satisfied with the results. I was wondering if I can have cryolipolysis in the same area to optimize the results or if, for any reason, it is not recommended. Thank you very much for your reply! A. Lipocontouring, like any other surgical procedure, is dependent on many factors such as healing and the talent and skill of the surgeon. Depending on the amount of fat, skin laxity and contouring you wish, CoolSculpting (CS) may help you achieve improved results, particularly with residual fat or contour irregularities following a prior procedure. CS targets the residual fat and while there is no guarantee, has stimulated shrinking of the surrounding skin. ​ ​Concerns regarding the use of CS must be reviewed with your Certified CoolSculpting Specialist. These include: prior injury, sensory changes, hernia, circulation and other considerations. Please consult with a Board Certified, well experienced Plastic Surgeon who can match you to the proper treatment(s) to reach your goals. I hope this helps! All the best!
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