Can Hyaluronic Acid be used for forehead wrinkles and crows feet if Botox doesn’t work?


Dr. Dean Kane Q&A.

Q. I have developed resistance to Botox, I´m 36 and I guess I´ve used it for almost 10 years it used to be wonderful, but now it doesn´t do anything to my face at all, so I was wondering if using Hyaluronic Acid can be an option to soften the wrinkles in my forehead and/or crow´s feet as well, any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.   A. ​Great question particularly since Botox has now been used for so many years. ​ ​Botox is a wonderful drug to relax muscles causing skin lines and folds or rebalancing facial expression. Continued suppression of the same muscle will cause the muscle to atrophy or weaken to a point of minimal or no activity. Add to this that aging also affects the skin and laxity of the forehead or lateral brow will cause passive lines, folds and wrinkles and Botox just won’t give you the pizzazz you once got from it. ​ ​Your options include: ​firming the skin with “lasers”, retinoids, Sculptra ​filling the skin and wrinkles with fillers ​redraping and removing skin excess with lifts (brow / forehead). ​ ​Your concerns should be evaluated by a well experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial ENT with expertise in all these options so they are not biased by skill limitations. ​ I hope this has helped. ​I wish you the best!
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