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Can I apply Botox before belpharoblasty (eyelid surgery)?


Dr. Dean Kane Q & A

  Q. I have an appointment for surgery on December 22 nd and want to inject Botox on december 13 th, is it ok or not?   A.  ​This is a very interesting question particularly with the answers provided by other blepharoplasty surgeons below. ​ ​There are pros and cons to your inquiry which must be discussed with your surgeon. ​ ​I presume you are speaking of upper lid blepharoplasty and not lower lid lift. ​ ​Upper blepharoplasty usually removes skin from the eyelid in effect reducing the distance from the eyebrows to the eyelashes. When the eyebrow is positioned correctly just above the orbital rim, the amount of eyelid skin to remove is measured and skin marked for excision so too much skin will not be remove and you cannot close the eye following surgery. ​
  1. ​This maybe a good reason to use Botox (if properly performed) lifting the eyebrow to a more natural or desired position.
  2. ​Since Botox function does not peak before 10-14 days (average), you may not achieve your optimal elevation and uncommonly, brow ptosis (or droop) before you have your surgery.
  3. ​Using Botox before blepharoplasty may be less desirable as you have “wasted” the Botox effect of brow elevation, number “11” line and crows feet line reduction during the period of recovery up to and following your eyelid lift.
I wish you the very best!
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