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Botox or eyebrow/ lids lift young male?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. There’s something unusual with my eyes … lately I’ve come to the fact that the weird part of my eyes are the upper eyelid. If I open my eyes up so you can see upper eyelid they look far more normal. A. Thanks for sharing your photos! I do notice the heavier brow and eyelids you are concerned with. This is associated with low position of your eyebrows and / or skin and fat excess of the upper eyelids which may be found in a young man, as yourself. ​ ​Options include: ​Botox to raise the position of your eyebrow and carry with it a elevation in the eyelid skin. ​Upper blepharoplasty, removal of excess upper eyelid skin and fat, ​None or both. ​ ​It is best to obtain consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Ophthalmologist or Facial ENT Surgeon who performs surgical and injectible options. ​ ​I hope this is helpful! All the best!  
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