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Botox insufficient, should I do more or add fillers?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I had 25 Units of Botox injected along my forehead a week ago. While I do like the results thus far, I am not completely satisfied, as the lines have diminished, but not disappeared. The woman who did my injections asked to see me after a week and a half to determine if she should have done 50 Units. Based on the photos, would 50 Units solve this issue or would fillers be recommended? Is it best to do a combination of both or would just fillers or just botox be sufficient? A. ​You appear to have had an excellent result from your Botox injection. ​ ​Remember that Botox and similar medications are muscle relaxers. The weaken the muscle which wrinkles the skin. Over the muscle there is a thin lining of fat, the skin dermal layer and epidermis. During the wrinkle action, a progressively thinning crease occurs where there is fat loss, dermal structural protein thinning and a epidermal wrinkle line. These are not corrected directly by the use of Botox. ​ ​It will take some time (years) for the normal repair process of the skin to smooth the wrinkle fold. You may hasten this with fillers, retinoids, laser and other options. ​ ​Contact your talented injector and consult with him / her regarding what is best for you. ​ ​I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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