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Botox doesn’t work anymore! Is there a way to make it work again?

shutterstock_78701971Dr. Dean Kane Q & A

Q.  I have been getting botox, Dysport an Xeomin injections for years and now none of them work! I get a small effect but it does not last long. The procedure has been done by several different clinicians so I don’t think it is the way it is done. I think I have built up a resistance. I love the effect when it works. Is there any new formulas or way to make it work again? A. ​I hear this about once a day. While it is possible that Antibodies to the molecule reduce its effectiveness, I have yet to see this following 1000’s of patient injections. ​With careful observation, a well experienced, Board Certified  Plastic Surgeon, Facial ENT, or Dermatologist will find that: ​ ​1. The muscles previously injected have atrophied to a point of not working. You will find that injections to other muscles will relax them. You will need a more skilled injector. ​ ​2. With aging, the laxity of the tissues and the attachments of the frontalis (and other) muscles to the skin, release and slide. Greater pull or relaxation using these muscle balancers will not produce the same effects. You will need to consider a surgical option. ​ ​Consider a 2nd opinion in-person consultation. ​ ​I hope this has helped. ​All the best.
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