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Be Bikini Smooth for Santa Starts NOW

Most women begin to think about seeking laser hair removal for bikini weather in the Spring and Summer. But this is actually too late. To be ready for the bikini season women need to think about starting in December as it takes time and many treatments. Because the hair follicles cycle every 6 weeks, the laser hair packages follow the natural progression of the hair growth cycle and treatments are done every 6 weeks. Most people depending on the thickness of the hair growth and a person’s age, will need a minimum of 5 treatments to get a permanent reduction of hair growth. When you do the math, 5 treatments done every 6 weeks means you need to start in December to be bikini smooth by June. Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal There are many factors that affect the success of laser hair removal. First, you must have dark color hair, brown, black or a dark blond. Anyone with very blond or light red hair or gray will not be a candidate for laser hair removal, because the laser cannot identify the hair follicle root. Young teenage and twenty year olds tend to have strong hormonal hair response and often need many more treatments than an older person. Men with dense hair on their backs and chests also require many more treatments than just 5. They actually need double the treatments to get a fairly good permanent reduction in hair growth. It is also imperative, that the patient adheres to their 5 treatment plan done consistently every 6-8 weeks and not skip beyond that period so that the treatments follow the hair growth cycle. People of Color and Laser Hair Removal People of color can also be treated for laser hair removal. In the Baltimore Medspa of Dr. Dean Kane, he offers 2 laser hair machines that are designed for people of all color. The Candela Gentle Lase is created to treat white to very light brown skin tones. The Candela Yag is created to treat brown to very dark brown and black skin tones. The Candela Yag reduces the risk of burns and pigmentation changes to the skin for people of color. 50% Off Bikini Laser Hair Packages For only 2 weeks in December, to help women get a jump start on their laser hair removal, Dr. Dean Kane is offering 50% off Laser Hair Removal for the standard, extended or full Brazilian Bikini 5 treatment packages. Call today 410-602-3322 and begin to be Silky Smooth for Santa. About Dr. Dean Kane& the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa Dr. Dean Kane is a board certified Plastic Surgeon well known expert in Baltimore, Annapolis, D.C. and the surrounding communities of Maryland, Delaware, upper Virginia and the Eastern Shore. In practice for over 25 years at his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, he has been identified with unique abilities and creative surgical and non-surgical modifications necessary to achieve those differences for his diversity of patients. While many techniques are used for all patients, it is Dr. Dean  Kane’s nuances and specific approaches to the patient of color that he has developed over his 32 years of medical experience for men and women seeking cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kane recognizes the unique skin issues of black men and women who come to Dr. Kane’s Medspa for dark pigmentation and acne and his Medspa offers services and treatments to meet their needs. For black men due to their thicker facial beards that can cause Folliculitis Barbi, skin products, laser hair removal and peels are offered to help treat this very difficult problem.  Dr. Kane’s extensive experiences and his strong plastic surgery education has made him the ideal cosmetic surgeon for men and women in the Baltimore, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. area. Your health, wellness, satisfaction, and safety are our top priorities! To learn more about what we do, please visit our website or call 410-602-3322. Also, be sure to check our Facebook page periodically for new next monthly contests and follow us on Twitter.
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