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Is it appropriate to ask for a refund after facial parallelization from facelift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_50360464 Q: My eye and mouth were paralyzed after mid facelift. Now 4 months later movement is starting to return and I expect full recovery. During the first three months I was unable to work causing GREAT financial hardship. I want to ask for a refund as compensation but just don’t know if it’s appropriate. I had no problem with the facelift, he did a good job, but I have so much suffering (still have to tape eye shut every night.) I feel like he should offer a refund. Please guide me. A: ​I am sorry for your troubles! Medicine and Surgery are not a perfect science. There is art and individual variation in the options, procedures and outcomes. While perfection is desired and pursued, it is rarely fully achieved. Side-effects are expected and complications thankfully rare. We ALL wish to be provided the best product or service. The consent or contract you agreed to prior to purchase of those products or services are the rules or laws by which the partners in the agreement follow. Should that product or service not be all you wanted or there be a concern in the result or service, it is best to talk to the other individual and try to remedy the problem as the person, in this case your surgeon is the one individual who knows best what happened and should be the best one to fix or help support you with your concern. ​Your insurance in most cases by most companies will provide coverage for medically necessary care even with elective cosmetic surgery. Attitudes in medicine are changing regarding expectations but it all starts with a conversation between the two partners in the agreement. ​I truly hope your concerns are just a bump in the road toward a great result. Speak with your surgeon and come up with a suitable and acceptable plan to get you up and running again. ​I sincerely wish you the very best!
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