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Lip Rejuvenation with Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

…around the lips to allow for pouty and fuller lips.

How Does the Lip Flip Work?

Dr. Kane injects approximately 4 units of Botox or 10 units of Dysport into the vermillion border of the upper lip. The Botox and Dysport relax the lip muscles so the lips…

Liposuction with Dr. Dean Kane

…Fat Cells With Liposuction

Liposuction can be used to remove fat cells and reshape many areas of the body, including:

•Jawline •Neck •Upper arms •Breasts •Abdomen •Flanks •Buttocks •Hips •Thighs •Calves •Knees Lauri Kane Explains Dr. Dean Kane’s Approach to Liposuction


This Annapolis woman

Liposuction for Men’s Abdomens, Love Handles and Chests

Middle Aged Fit Male With Gray Shirt
liposuction with high definition etching and sculpting which can be achieved by the artful liposuction skills and experience of Dr. Dean Kane in Baltimore, MD. Don’t fret, even competitor bodybuilders have been known to rely on lipo etching to show their six-pack after dieting down for their competitions. Lipo Sculpting,

Arm: Liposuction, Tucks, & Brachioplasty

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For women who have a mild laxity under the arms and are still concerned with the thickness of their outer arms are recommended to have a combination Liposuction with an Arm Tuck. Dr. Dean Kane uses the same traditional tumescent liposuction technique described in the Arm Liposuction but

Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Facelift and Neck Lipo Healing


Q: Request for a second opinion: Horizontal bands across my neck after facelift and neck lipo. Is this normal? I know it’s still early, and I have talked with my surgeon, but I would just like another opinion. I’m 3 weeks out from a facelift and neck lipo. I

Dermal Fillers in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

…you soft natural lips without adding volume to the lips. There are really so many lip options and Dr. Kane is committed to being an expert injector with 35 years of experience to get your lips just right for you.*

Restylane Lyft and Botox for Lips to Smooth Lip

Dermal Fillers Q & A

…will always make the recommendations to restore the lips as the number one priority. I think restoring a woman’s lips truly has an amazing impact on a woman’s face. Being able to put lipstick on beautiful lips makes a woman feel younger and sexier.”

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