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Dermal Fillers in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

…gel fillers commonly referred to as HA’s. They are produced by two different companies. Allergen makes Juvederm fillers and Galderma makes Restylane fillers. They are competing companies that produce very similar fillers. How much do dermal fillers cost?

Dr. Dean Kane very often offers a special on his fillers….

Millennial Cosmetic Services

…or Cheek Implants

If a bump on top of the nose is the prime concern, then Dr. Kane can use the filler Radiesse to artfully camouflage the bump by adding this filler above and below the bump. Radiesse is made out of bone-like material called calcium hydroxyapatite. It is

Thread Lifts in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

Model with Arrows and Lines Outlining Areas of the Face
…lift the skin of the forehead to stay up.

Thread Lifts for Forehead Wrinkles


Many people have deep furrows across the forehead where Botox can not help. These deep furrows need to be filled in with either threads for fillers. The threads used in the forehead

Dysport in Baltimore, MD | Dr. Dean Kane

dysport patient in baltmore
…various aspect of the face from the brow down to the neck.

The Liquid Facelift

Add Perlane filler into the mix and you get Dr. Dean Kane’s signature “Liquid Facelift.” The Liquid Facelift is using the combination injectables, Dysport and Perlane to plump and fill wrinkles, hollows and lines…

Nose Reshaping

…minor concerns about their noses. Often a small bump they would like to mask, a deep dip from the forehead or they feel their noses are too short. These people don’t want surgery, but would like to see an improvement of their concerns. Dr. Kane can use fillers such as…

What are the differences between Botox, Dysport and Now Jeuveau or “NewTox”

…Dysport offers a softer and more natural control of the forehead muscles. Dysport patients of Dr. Kane say that they don’t get that super tight hold, but a more relaxed natural hold of their muscles between their eyebrows and in their forehead.

For patients with very strong muscle groups…