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Thread Lifts in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

Model with Arrows and Lines Outlining Areas of the Face
Can the Thread Lift be combined with other procedures?

Yes, Dr. Kane has used the Thread Lift with other facial cosmetic procedures such as

Combining with lipo-contouring and a surgical neck lift to rejuvenate the lower face Combining with a short scar brow lift to smooth the forehead Combining…

Silhouette InstaLift

…Silhouette InstaLift provides very similar results to the ThreadLift that Dr. Kane was able to attain for over hundreds of his Baltimore patients using the Contour ThreadLift procedure. For his patient below, he combined the Threadlift procedure on this patient’s cheeks and jowls with a Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty, Upper

What is Dr. Dean Kane’s Liquid Facelift?

…is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments options. Learn more about each of the treatments below:

Sculptra for Collagen Stimulation to Tighten and Firm Face, Body, and Buttocks ThermiTight for Neck and Jowl Tightening PDO Eurothread Lift for Non-Surgical Facelift Silhouette InstaLift for Non-Surgical Facelift

Liquid Facelift


Baltimore patients of Dr. Dean Kane are achieving facial rejuvenation without surgery. In his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa Dr. Dean Kane uses non-surgical approaches to lift, plump, tighten and smooth the aging face. This non-surgical facial rejuvenation or as Dr. Kane describes his Signature Liquid Facelift

The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension for Men


The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension surgery for men is very effective to reduce the size and fullness of the neck without extensive surgery. Dr. Dean Kane himself has had the neck suspension surgery when he was in his mid-thirties. While Dr. Kane has always maintained his weight, he

Facial Plastic Surgery

facelift featured

Often combined with a facelift, a neck lift provides patients with an opportunity to contour their neck and profile. A neck lift addresses slacked neck muscles and drooping skin along the neck and below the chin. Since each patient is different Dr. Kane can customize your neck lift

Dermal Fillers in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

cheek mound. Dr. Kane calls this plump cheek mound his “Nike Swoosh” because he leaves you with “apple of your cheek.” Dr. Kane uses a minimum of a filler per cheek and the effects will last approximately one year.

Cheek Plump and Lift with Dr. Dean Kane’s “Nike Swoosh