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Introductory 50% off Botox with Expert Injector Dr. Dean Kane in Baltimore Maryland

People think getting injected by Botox is a simple technique that any medical doctor or nurse can do it. But when people come to have their Botox or Dysport with expert injector, Dr. Dean Kane at his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa they realize the difference. Dr. Kane has been injecting his Baltimore… Read more »

My smile has completely changed after Botox on forehead, frown lines, crows feet, & under eyes. Any suggestions?

Dr. Dean Kane Botox Q & A. Q. My top lip doesn’t lift enough. When smiling with lips together it looks normal but when smiling or laughing with lips apart my top lip isn’t lifting so looks like half a smile. My injectant didn’t inject low down on crows feet but could it still have… Read more »