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Will a non incisional fat graft face lift work for me?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. The doctor is going to fill in the gaps on both sides of my chin, temporal lobe and cheek. I would prefer this to the regular facelift but I would also like to get rid of my chin using cool sculpt or Kybella first. Based on the pictures am I a good candiate for fat graft face lift. A. I truly understand the desire for multiple non-surgical and/or minimally invasive approaches versus one surgery BUT ask yourself if you are not doing yourself a disservice by staging different non-surgical procedures to achieve a less than surgical result? ​ ​CoolSculpting will reduce fat of the submental chin but not provide a surgical jawline contour nor remodel the rest of the neck, improve or remove neck skin laxity nor lift or tighten the neck muscles. ​ ​Fat grafting is a terrific ENHANCEMENT technique to add volume typically along the anterior, middle and lateral upper cheek and temple hollows. It is a great adjunct option to FACELIFT but not for patients with skin looseness which need skin-excess removal. Fat grafting has a 30 to 50 percent survival rate and you many need multiple sessions to achieve the “fill” you want. It will not lift the jowls and based on your description, “age: your face by adding volume to the lower portion; a non-youthful quality. ​ ​Thanks for sharing your photos. If you are going the non-surgical route, please understand the cost, recovery periods, and other alternatives such as:
  1. ​Sculptra for skin firming,
  2. ​Botox for muscle rebalancing
  3. ​ThermiTIGHT for skin tightening
  4. ​Obagi ZO Skin Health for maintenance
You may also wish to consider removing the excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids for a total facial result. It is not that I am biased, I perform them all but if it is the back to work or back to socializing time that is the issue, consider the accumulated times of multiple sessions of all these non-surgical procedure including swelling, bruising and cost versus the typical 2 to 3 week recovery and cost of a single Face-Neck-Eyelid Lift with better results. ​ ​Please consult with a well experienced and talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to examine and review with you the different approaches. ​ ​I hope this is helpful. I wish you all the best!   This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.
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