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When You Know You Look Good, You Feel Good!

Dear Dr. Kane: Ever since my son was born 32 years ago, I have not been able to get rid of my stomach. No amount of exercising or dieting would eliminate the fact that my stomach just kind of “hung” there. I might mention that this was also a trait with all of the women in my family, e.g., my sister, mother, grandmother, etc. For years I listened to my grandmother, mother, sister and even myself bemoan our fate. We all have a tendency to be obese and we all have played the yo-yo game, you know the one, you lose a tremendous amount of weight only to put it all back and then some. In my lifetime, I have lost at least 60 lbs. four different times. As you can imagine, each time added to the disgusting amount of skin left hanging that was supposed to be my stomach. While I was able to keep the weight off for considerable period of time, invariably, back it came. I was NEVER able to wear the “in” clothes such as the high French cut underwear or bathing suits. I loved it when the style for pants became pleated – that hid a ton of sins! We’ve all heard this story over and over again. I am over 50 years old now but am simply not about to count myself as old or over the hill. I’ve still got a LOT to offer. One day I was discussing with my husband how very badly I felt about my stomach and he agreed that it was not a pretty sight and went on to say “Well, why don’t you do something about it?” I had toyed with the idea in the back of my mind for years but never actually thought that he would go along with the idea. What’s worse, I didn’t have the courage to even ask him much less to actually do anything about it. I was so shocked when he said that, I couldn’t think how to really go about it fast enough. I began the question everyone and check the Internet for plastic surgeons in Baltimore. I visited three different Doctors, questioned them all and even asked my regular physician if he thought I was crazy. He stated that obviously, I had given this a lot of thought and that I should go for it. That is all I needed to hear! As you know, I ultimately ended up not only having a “tummy tuck” but a “body lift”. I didn’t tell very many people what I was going to do for fear of criticism and well-meaning busy bodies trying to talk me out of it. Thus, I went back to work and pretended to have lost more weight over a lengthy holiday (I had already intentionally lost about 60 lbs. just before the surgery). People simply could not get over how good I looked. There were comments about the new person who came to work there! Guys actually told me I was looking awfully “Svelte” these days. I didn’t know guys actually knew and used that word! My brothers (also unknowing) were so amazed they kept saying I looked ten years younger! My sister (who does know) is constantly telling me how gorgeous I look but now she hates me! People are constantly stopping me to tell me how fabulous I look these days! What an ego booster! I have to tell you that I am so grateful that I didn’t let my very considerable fear stop me from my plastic surgery in Baltimore. I cannot get over the difference in the way I look and act. I look fabulous in many of the clothes I could never think of wearing before the plastic surgery. Where shopping used to be a chore, it is quite a joy right now (of course, my husband won’t thank you for that!). While I was never the shy retiring type, I have so much more confidence that I can’t get over how very different I act and feel at work. It is as though the sky is the limit! Things seem so much easier for me now. It is so very true that when you know you look good, you feel good. There are no words that can express my gratitude and somehow a simple thank you does not seem adequate. Please accept this letter as a testimonial that you may share with other women who are uncertain and as fearful as I was. Once again, thank you for a new lease on life!

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