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The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension for Men

The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension surgery for men is very effective to reduce the size and fullness of the neck without extensive surgery. Dr. Dean Kane himself has had the neck suspension surgery when he was in his mid-thirties. While Dr. Kane has always maintained his weight, he genetically had inherited a very full and thick neck in which he lacked a defined jaw line. This procedure involves Dr. Kane placing two tiny ¼ inch incisions placed behind each earlobe and an 1 inch incision right within the crease under the chin. These incisions are rarely ever seen. Dr. Kane creates a very masculine neck and jaw line by bringing together the muscles of the neck into a newly recreated tight neck structure. In most cases, the “Adams apple or thyroid cartilage is left prominent for the male patient. Dr. Kane uses lipo-contouring to remove the fat of the neck, along the lower jaw line and lower cheeks to thin and slim the entire lower face of his male patients. The younger male truly appreciates the newly contoured neck providing a much more handsome appearance. Often men appear as if they have lost weight due to the reduction of the fat removed from around the face and neck. Recovery requires a one to two week period. The biggest issue right after surgery is the inability to turn the head completely to drive a car. It usually takes two weeks before the neck relaxes and men can turn their heads adequately to safely drive to work.