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The Camera Likes Me Again!

I decided to have liposuction when I realized all the working out and eating well I was doing, along with other year round sports and activities I am involved in, did not lessen my belly fat. I also elected the surgery for a very practical reason- I was bothered quite frequently by heat rash which was very common in the warm months and incredibly uncomfortable in my lower abdomen/groin area. I was a little nervous prior to surgery, as any of us would be, but I must say, my fear of the operating room and environment was reduced upon my initial consultation. I was greeted by a warm and friendly office staff, (awesome women) who were ALWAYS upbeat and smiling. I remember Mrs. Lauri Kane carefully tugging at my belly and I was delighted when she said ” I believe that liposuction alone will resolve this and flatten you out nicely.” (you see, I believed I would need a tummy tuck) I was so relaxed going into the operating room (wow!!!!), my anesthesiologist explained what she was doing, and I remember Dr. Kane chatting with me and gently patting my face and arm before I went into my twilight sleep, which was a great comfort. I, of course, remember little about the recovery room, but do recall various staff members wishing me well as I was wheeled to the waiting car. On return visits, I was greeted by the same friendly faces throughout the office telling my how great I looked. I cannot thank them enough for their care and supportive ‘girl talk’. What a bonus! I noticed the change right away, the slimming of my torso, although I was understandably swollen. I was bruised like mad, but had known I would, due to other surgery in this area of my body. The swelling decreased and I looked beyond the still present, black and blue, and saw an awesome sight- the image I had in my head of the truly fit person I am- sans the belly fat!!!!! Many weeks post surgical, I am adhering to a high protein, well balanced diet and I feel great!! Thank you Mrs. Kane! I donated all the shirts that were ‘boxy’ fitting and delight in wearing girly, fitted shirts. I also tossed the dresses that no longer fit my leaner body. (YES!) I spent an afternoon playing dress up! I haven’t done that since I was a little girl… I giggled at myself in the mirror as I put on my formal gown and squealed delightfully , as I noted it needed to be taken in at the waist! I even posed like a swimsuit model in my mirror with a two piece bikini, giggling all the way! I see my abdominal muscles and touch them often saying, “I could go for a six pack! ” (not the beer!!!!!!) It’s so awesome, I see the potential for that six pack already.. and I haven’t officially begun to work out hard…today I received clearance from Dr. Kane to start a normal workout. I have noticed my arms looking leaner and my face is leaner— The camera actually likes me again- I am photogenic once more…evermore! I cannot thank Dr. and Mrs. Kane and the wonderful, entire staff enough. You have restored the ‘fit looking’ to the fit woman that I am and it’s a huge confidence builder. All the Best to all of you and with heart felt gratitude,

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