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TCA or Dr. Obagi ZO 3-Step Peel for Men

A stronger skin peel, the “Clear” TCA Peel or more commonly known as Dr. Obagi ZO 3-Step Peel ® is ideal for men who want to achieve a tightening of their facial skin, rid the signs of sun damage and brown aging spots and truly turn back the clock. Dr. Kane himself has had many TCA Peels over the years especially post summer hiking trips and beach trips to reverse the damaging effects of the sun and the laxity of aging. This peel does require conditioning of the skin with ZO Skin Health home program with Retin A prior to the peel. There is also a 5 day down time where the skin sheds deep outer layers of the skin similar to a snake shedding its outer skin. The results are fantastic leaving a man’s face with a fresh new layer of pink, glowing, smooth and tight skin. The peel’s effects last up to a year especially when men are compliant and return to their ZO Skin Health home care program to continue the exfoliation and stimulation process.  While African American Men are not eligible for many laser treatments, the TCA Peel is truly ideal for black skin in which it reduces the pigmentation, acne and tightens the face all within one treatment.