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Reversing Aging and Sun Damage Baltimore, Maryland

Anyone who is 50 years or older will tell you about how they used the baby oil and sun reflectors to get a better tan on the beach when we were in our younger years. Unfortunately, no one told us what we would experience in our later years: severe pigmentation, brown age spots, freckling, skin cancers, thin and lax skin. To truly effectively reverse, stop and achieve beautiful healthy skin we recommend that a person starts with Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Care Products at home and add in treatments at our office that are described below.

Fortunately, it is never too late to reverse and stop the aging process. The before and after pictures below is Lauri Kane’s mom who at 80 years old living in Florida had severe sun-damage and skin cancers. Lauri with Dr. Kane reversed all her damaged skin and returned it to a very healthy and glowing state.

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**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

Today’s ZO Skin Health Products by Zein Obagi, MD has the powerhouse of strong Tretinoin cream combined with hydroquinone to stimulate new cellular turnover and erase the brown pigmentation from old sun-damage. These products will also be very effective and helping prevent future skin cancers as it is actively exfoliating the skin and shedding pre-cancerous cells.

In addition to the home skin care products, Peels, MicroNeedling with PRP and Lasers performed in our office will be advised to get at the deeper skin damage. TCA peels and IPL and Fractional Laser both go deep in the skin to truly exfoliate and rid the skin of the damaged deep layers, bringing the skin back to a healthy glowing state. MicroNeedling with PRP provides a very deep exfoliation and then uses your own nutrients from your Plasma Rich Proteins to nourish and heal the skin.

Sculptra: The Collagen and Elastin Stimulator

Sculptra is advised when the skin has lost a lot of its collagen and elastin and has become thin and lax. Sculptra is an injectable that is performed by Dr. Kane. Sculptra is injected into the entire face which stimulates your own collagen and elastin deep under the skin that will thicken, firm and tighten the skin. The process involves 2 sessions of Sculptra injections done 6 weeks apart as your initial treatment. The Sculptra will stimulate your elastin and collagen the entire year in which you see subtle but substantial changes to the skin. Every year after the first treatment you come in for a yearly one session booster to keep your skin stimulated and never allowing you to lose any more collagen and elastin as well as keep up a continual stimulation so that you are actually stopping the aging of the skin forever.


View More Images in Our Before and After Gallery

**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

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