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Red Skin Issues Baltimore, Maryland

If you are experiencing any form of red skin issues, IPL or Intense Pulse Light Laser is the ideal treatment. This laser detects red in the skin using a special wavelength. It zaps the red cells and destroys them. Generally, the destroyed red cells turn purple which takes several days to a week to fade away. To reduce the redness effectively it generally takes 3 or more treatments done every 4 weeks. But once treated, the redness is close to becoming totally gone.

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**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin

If Rosacea is your concern, we have special ZO Skin Health products to help reduce the redness as a home care product as well as using the IPL laser to effectively reduce the redness on your face as well as our Ideal Rosacea Dermal Facial. 

Our Ideal Rosacea Dermal Facial will help to sooth, calm and hydrate impaired skin like rosacea. This facial incorporates oat milk as an excellent humectant for hydration. Also included are botanicals, lactic solution, pro- vitamins and antioxidants like green tea, oat extract, arnica, panthenol and cucumber to calm and improve skins appearance. These ingredients also eases irritation, blotchiness, redness congestion and sensitivity. Take care of your red sensitive skin today.

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**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

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