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I Am Enjoying My New Look

Dear Dr. Kane, Lauri and Staff, I want to express again, my heartfelt thanks for the care you have provided me. You have helped me realize what I only believed was a dream. My body has changed so much since my liposuction and the fit woman I have always been, now shows on my body. I have always enjoyed fitness and not enjoy it all the more without the ‘extra layers’. It was a blessing as well for you to send me pre-op physical to Dr. Gabers office. His associate Dr. Gitter, who I am proud to have as my primary care physician, was astute and diagnosed a thyroid condition; I perhaps have for many years. I am enjoying my ‘new look’ (and the looks I get!!!) and love the fact that I am wearing smaller clothes that I did in my 20’s! For your kindness and care, I cannot thank you enough. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Fondly,

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