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Heather’s Makeover Video

Heather’s Makeover Video Testimonial

I had 2  pregnancies very close together (they are 11 months apart) and afterwards my body just wasn’t the same. My previous augmentation was 13 years ago and was not to my liking anymore and I became very self-conscious. I had searched over the last 2 yrs to find a Doctor that met my expectations, I had met with many Doctors, but did not find anyone with the confidence nor the flexibility to understand my needs until I met Dr Dean Kane & his staff.Lauri helped me “perfect” my desires and Dr. Kane assured me with his knowledge & expertise that I could obtain those desires.  I was not looking for
a change that would make me look “model perfect” but healthy and beautiful to myself and my family. What I got was so much more than I anticipated. I got a confidence back in my attitude and became aware of my eating habits and exercise routine.  I now have maintained my diet and exercise routines  for the past year and feel as close to “perfect” as I can be..I saw Dr. Kane recently for a concern on one of my scars and he met with me and assured me that it was correctable and  did not make me feel as if I was
pushing for being “perfect”.The office staff is always polite friendly and professional, yet also makes you feel like a friend.It is a big commitment to myself to maintain what Dr. Kane has done not only thru surgery  but also his advise. I am glad that I found their office even
though it is not close to my home,  I make the venture to travel to them, because they are completely worth the effort..