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VI Peels

VI Peel: VI Peel & Emerge Skincare Case 2

Maryland woman came to consult with licensed medical esthetician, Felicia, and was recommended to start a series of ViPeels. Patient had long time problems from acne scars and pigmentation. She desired to improve the texture, tone and clarity of her skin. She did a series of virtually painless peels and experiences phenomenal results. She has smoother even skin time and glowing appearance.

VI Peel: VI Peel & Emerge Skincare Case 1

25 year old Maryland native came to consult with esthetician Felicia to improve her skin. A series of ViPeels and Emerge were recommended. Dr. Kane created Emerge to produce dramatic improvement to the skin. Designed to work with Retin-A®, the program stimulates new layers of skin production while the old, wrinkled, dry, and discolored layers gently peel away. The program uses a combination of color-evening agents and light moisturizers which work around the clock to effectively improve the skin’s texture, appearance, clarity, moisture, and overall health. With regular use you’ll notice the disappearance of fine lines and the development of glowing, soft, pigmentation-free skin.