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Fly-in Program

Fly-in Program

Today, more and more patients travel from their home towns to another city for plastic surgery. They enjoy the advantages of recuperating quietly and privately away from the demands of their everyday life along with the chance to experience new surroundings.

There are many reasons to choose Baltimore as your cosmetic surgery destination. Our city is right on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, and there is much to do and see when you are ready to get out and explore.

More to the point, when you come to Baltimore, Maryland for plastic surgery, you get the opportunity to work with Dr. Dean Kane. He has been enhancing the lives of patients from across the country and international locations for many years. His extensive training, years of experience, expertise with patients of all ethnic backgrounds and firm belief in the value of both surgical and non-invasive treatments are just some of the reasons patients choose Dr. Kane to be their surgeon.

The Consultation

Dr. Kane, Lauri Kane and their staff invite you to travel to Baltimore for your personal consultation several weeks prior to surgery. Many patients value the chance to meet with Dr. Kane in person, visit the accredited office surgery center facility, see additional before and after photos of his patients, meet the rest of the team and go over a variety of surgical details.

If you’re not able to visit the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa in person for your consultation, you can still have a thorough and rewarding pre-op process. You’ll start by filling out a set of forms to tell us about yourself and share your goals for surgery. We’ll ask you to send us a set of photos of the area you’re interested in changing for Dr. Kane’s review. After Dr. Kane has spent some time with your forms and photos, one of his staff will be in contact with you to set up a time for a phone consultation.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Lauri Kane and the rest of Dr. Dean Kane’s staff will assist you from the moment you first contact the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa through your final post-op visit. In fact, calling Lauri Kane at 410.602.3322 is a great way to get started. She can answer many of your questions and assist you in planning your surgery. She and the rest of the team can help you whatever your needs may be—from sharing more information with Dr. Kane to considering your accommodation options to locating a physician for local follow-up should it be required.

Whether you’ll be flying in from across the country or driving from southern Pennsylvania, southern Maryland or the Eastern Shore, distance does not need to be an obstacle to achieving the experience and the results you have in mind. Call us or register online to let us know how we can serve you.

The Coordination of Patients having Plastic Surgery in Baltimore

How does Dr. Kane accommodate long distance destination patients who need to stay for a 1-4 week stay? His Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa is very conveniently located around the corner from several a Ramada Hotel and Hilton Hotel where he has made arrangements for patients to stay. Regarding nursing care, the practice uses very reliable source of LPN type nurses who stay with the patients if they come alone without a family member or friend. If patients just need drivers, he has made arrangements with a company that specializes in transporting people for medical purposes. Food? Dr. Kane has that covered. What do most patients want after surgery? They always want nice homemade soup. A Baltimore resource “Gourmet Soups by Lena” is readily available and she has a list of 20 soups to choose from. Lena is certified by the health department and will do home or hotel deliveries.

Dr. Dean Kane’s Recovery Schedule following Your Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kane sees his patients post-operatively in a very set schedule. This schedule is as follows: the day after surgery, Friday before the weekend, a visit in the second week post surgery, a post-op visit in the fourth week, second month postop, six months, nine months and one year follow up. Dr. Kane will require you to come for these follow up visits to make sure his patients are fully recovered and received the results they hoped for. If any issues arise between visits patients are encouraged to come to Dr. Dean Kane’s office immediately when the problems occur. When patients travel from long distances such as Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey, Florida and from the Islands they must make the commitment to return for their follow-up visits.

Coordination of Your Destination Plastic Surgery in Baltimore

Patients find Dr. Dean Kane on his website: www.DrDeanKane.com and his wife Lauri Kane who runs his practice will be your concierge to help you coordinate your traveling plastic surgery experience. Lauri will make all the arrangements for all your needs from the hotel reservations, nursing care, driver and Gourmet Homemade Soups by Lena. Just give her a call at the office: 410-602-3322 or email her any time: Lauri@DrDeanKane.com and she’ll take care of the rest for you.

How to Plan Your First Consultation with Dr. Dean Kane and the use of Virtual Consultations

Most people find Dr. Dean Kane from his website: www.DrDeanKane.com and email directly to DeanKane@DrDeanKane.com to request information about a procedure and to schedule a consultation. If you are living at a distance and want to find out if even traveling for your first visit is worth the long distance to Baltimore to meet with Dr. Kane then he has a solution. Lauri Kane will first spend quality time over the phone to discuss your needs and desires and determine if you are even a candidate for plastic surgery. Lauri will do a preliminary health assessment, medical issues, smoking history and general understanding of your body type or facial concerns you would like to have plastic surgery.

If you and Lauri determine it seems like a good fit, the next step would be to have a virtual consultation via the internet. Lauri will request that you have someone take accurate pictures of your face and body using the typical 5 views that you often see in the before and after gallery. Dr. Dean Kane and Lauri will view the photos and give you their assessment of what plastic surgery options they feel is appropriate. They will email you the complete price of your plastic surgery fees, the operating room fees, anesthesia fees, operating room supplies, garments, silicone vs saline implants and any possible out of pocket expenses you will have to complete your surgery. Payment will be required to be paid in full 6 weeks prior to the date of your plastic surgery.

Dr. Dean Kane’s Pre-Operative Requirements for your Baltimore Destination Plastic Surgery

What else is required to determine if you are a good candidate for traveling to Baltimore for your plastic surgery with Dr. Kane? You will need to meet with Dr. Kane for an in person consultation to complete the evaluation and make sure the virtual plastic surgery consult is appropriate. At this visit plans can be made for a future plastic surgery date to return for your plastic surgery. Another option is to make arrangements to have your plastic surgery within the same week as your first visit. Dr. Kane will require a pre-operative history and physical that is completed by your medical doctor in advance of your visit. Dr. Kane will require additional tests that are relevant for your surgery such as a mammogram for any breast surgery such as breast augmentation with implants or breast lift or breast reduction. Dr. Kane also requires an eye exam for any upper or lower eyelid surgery. If there are any potential prior medical problems such as heart problems, blood pressure issues, prior pulmonary emboli and any medical problem that requires a medical specialist to clear you for surgery will be required ahead of the surgery date to make sure you are cleared appropriately to have plastic surgery.

Dr. Kane takes extensive care about the health of his patients and even though patients think of plastic surgery as an elective procedure, Dr. Kane takes all precautions to ensure your safety within surgery and an excellent post-operative outcome.