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FAQs : Surgery & Financing

1. Should I have financing in place before coming to Dr. Kane’s office?
Generally we suggest that you look into your finance options before you come in for your consultation. For that reason we have listed the finance companies links on our website for you to apply directly on line to determine the amount of loan you can obtain. For more information on financing, please click here

2. How will I know the cost of the cosmetic surgery procedure before coming in for my consultation? 
Please email: Lauri@DrDeanKane.com or Holly@DrDeanKane.com or call (410) 602-3322 and they will discuss your plastic surgery options and review the costs of each of the cosmetic procedures. Once you obtain a loan, the amount can be changed after you have had a consultation with Dr. Kane.

3. Is there a charge for a consultation with Dr. Dean Kane?
Yes, there is a $75 reservation fee to hold the appointment time for your consultation.

4. When will I know the exact cost of my cosmetic surgery? 
After you meet personally with Dr. Dean Kane and Lauri Kane, they will inform you of your suited surgical and non-surgical options. They will lay out a complete surgical plan for you to meet all your cosmetic needs.  Their surgical coordinator, Holly will present you with all the itemized fees associated with your surgery.

5. What does the cost of cosmetic surgery generally include?
The cost of plastic surgery always include: Dr. Dean Kane’s surgical fees, the cost of the operating room, anesthesia, operating room supplies and any medical devices such as the cost of breast implants.

6. Are the post-op visits included in the surgical fees?
All your post-op visits are ALL included in your surgical fees. There are NO other additional fees for any of your visits after surgery. We like to see our patients the very next day after surgery and generally every week for the first 4 weeks. Depending on your recovery, we like to see you every several weeks up to every several months all the way up to one year.

7. Are there any hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs. When we give you a list of your fees everything is included in your surgery. There are medical tests required prior to surgery that are usually covered by your insurance, such as pre-op physical, mammograms, etc. If you do not have insurance you will have to pay out of pocket for these expenses. We will refer you to reputable doctors who charge minimal fees.

8. What is the process if I decide to go forward with Surgery?
If you decide to move forward with surgery, a $1,000 deposit is required to hold a date for your procedure. This fee is non-refundable except in cases of illness or problems that surface in your pre-op physical.

9. How soon can I schedule my surgery after my consultation?
Dr. Kane performs surgery every Wednesday and Thursday. If you desire to have surgery right away we try to accommodate your needs as soon as possible. We can even book your surgery just a week away from your consultation.

10. When is the payment required for the surgery?
FULL payment is required before your surgical date. If you do want to schedule quickly, then payment would be required immediately. The online financing companies are ideal in this situation as you can get funding immediately while you are even in our office during your consultation. In general, if the surgery is scheduled 4 weeks away or longer we require that you pay in full within 4-6 weeks of your surgery date.

11. What else does Dr. Kane require prior to my cosmetic surgery?

Six weeks prior to surgery, you’ll come back to our Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa Baltimore, MD. for another appointment. Dr. Kane’s patient coordinator, Holly, will spend an hour or more with you to review what to expect on the day of surgery and how to prepare. She will go over the consent forms with you and your surgical instructions, and you’ll get the necessary paperwork for your pre-op physical. You’ll be measured for any post-op garments you may need and have your photos taken. Your prescription medicines are given to you to have filled prior to your surgery. The sizing of your implants is confirmed. At this appointment, payment in full is required.

12. Can I drive myself to surgery?

NO! Patients are not allowed to drive themselves to and from having surgery. It is against the law for your safety and the safety of others to allow you to drive under the influence of anesthesia and pain medications. Dr. Kane also requires that you not only have someone drive you but remain with you at home for 24 hours after your surgery or longer.

13. What kind of help do I need after my surgery?
Depending on the cosmetic surgery, most patients will need help in their home for 1-14 days. The type of help needed can include: helping you with walking, providing food and medicine, driving, childcare, and housekeeping. Dr. Kane’s staff will inform you of your limitations in your recovery and what arrangements you will need to make to help you recover the fastest and safest.

14. What if I need to speak with Dr. Kane after hours, how do I reach him?
Every surgical patient receives Dr. Dean Kane’s cell phone number for them to call any time of day or night and even on weekends. Their cell phone numbers are also listed on voice message when you call after hours.  Dr. Kane and Lauri live only 1 mile away from their office and are always available to meet their patients at the office if Dr. Kane feels they need to be seen in the evenings or weekend hours. Even on vacation, Dr. Kane and Lauri are available on their cell phones and are always willing to speak with their patients and make arrangements in cases of emergencies. Dr. Kane always has his nurse, Heather, and another plastic surgeon as his backup at times he is out of town.

15. What is a pre-op physical and why is it needed for cosmetic surgery?
A pre-op physical is when you go to your own medical doctor or a clinic where they perform a physical exam, blood work, and EKG. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and requires the same workup that all other types of surgeries require.

16. Where does Dr. Dean Kane perform his plastic surgery? 
Dr. Kane performs all his cosmetic surgery right within the comfort of his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery. The operating room is fully accredited by the AAAASF organization who makes sure the operating room maintains all the necessary standards you would find in an outpatient surgical center or hospital setting. Dr. Kane has a highly trained operating room staff with many years of experience in taking care of plastic surgery patients. Patients truly enjoy and appreciate the calming nature of our warm and beautiful office setting and our fantastic caring staff.

17. Does Dr. Dean Kane ever perform surgery in a hospital setting?
On the rare occasion a patient may have added medical risk due to a medical condition that may require additional safety precaution or the need of an overnight stay, Dr. Kane takes his patients to Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, Maryland.
Northwest Hospital is part of Lifebridge Health and has excellent plastic surgery arrangements for patients. Northwest Hospital makes it affordable and safe if we should need an alternative location for our patients.

18. Does Dr. Kane accept any health insurances for any plastic surgery?
At this point in time, Dr. Kane no longer accepts or participates in any medical insurance plans. The majority of all his cases are cosmetic in nature and health insurance would not cover these types of procedures.

19. Are there any cosmetic surgeries that health insurance does pay for?
Years ago, the health insurance industry was more willing to pay for breast reductions, upper and lower eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, and sometimes abdominoplasty or tummy tucks. In each situation, the patient has to prove some form of medical risk to be granted approval. The health insurance industry has gotten much more strict and more difficult to get approval for these procedures.

20. What if a patient wants to have cosmetic surgery with Dr. Kane, but thinks she can get reimbursed by her health insurance company?
The patient would pay Dr. Kane in full prior to her surgery. Our bookkeeper would give the patient the billing codes, ICD -9 and CPT,  related to her surgery. It would be up to the patient to submit the bill to her own health insurance company and do all the follow-up herself.

21. Does Dr. Dean Kane perform Cosmetic Surgery for patients from out of the state of Maryland?
We certainly take provide surgery to patients in our neighboring states, such as Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Eastern Shore, and Washington, DC. These patients come all the time and have no problem with the commute. Patients who come from farther distances, we make arrangements at a close-by hotel to stay overnight and can supply a nursing assistant if the patient comes by themselves. It is always best to have a companion who can stay to help recover you after surgery and drive you to and from your appointments and back home.

22. What else should I be asking?

Lauri Kane, the Practice Administrator,  Holly our Patient Coordinator, and Heather, our Nurse are always available by phone (410) 602-3322 or email Lauri@DrDeanKane.com, Holly@DrDeanKane.com, Heather@DrDeanKane.com if any patient has any questions about anything. They are more than happy to spend the time answering patient questions, concerns and issues. It is their role in the office to make our patients well informed, completely satisfied and well cared for before, during and after your surgery.

23. Will finance companies offer loans for cosmetic surgery?

Yes, the loan companies listed on our website are specifically created to pay the costs of surgery for all cosmetic surgeries, such as the cost of a tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty, the cost of liposuction, cost of breast enlargement or augmentation with implants as well as the costs of a facelift, and the costs of Fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm Ultra, Radiesse), Botox and Dysport.