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Dysport in Columbia, MD | Dr. Dean Kane

Dysport: The Natural Wrinkle Relaxer in Columbia, MD

Patients have come to love the Dysport effect, especially done by Dr. Dean Kane who is considered an expert in his field. Dr. Dean Kane is a Maryland training center for Medicis the company that makes Dysport and Perlane. Dr. Kane has over 20 years of experience in injecting neurotoxins to reduce wrinkles of the face. Medicis asks Dr. Kane to provide training to other doctors and nurses to teach the art of injecting Dysport to receive the best results possible.

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Non-Surgical Dysport Brow Lift and Upper Eyelid Lift

Dysport is ideal to remove the wrinkle and angry look between the eyebrows, soften the crows feet and diminish the horizontal lines in the forehead. When injected expertly by Dr. Dean Kane, Dysport rebalances the muscles in the forehead to achieve a non-surgical brow lift and upper eyelid lift.  Columbia, MD patients receive a beautiful natural arch to their eyebrows and at the same time reduce the upper eyelid skin hooding.

Turn That Frown Up Side Down


Many Maryland women complain of their lower corners of their mouths begin to turn down as they age. Dysport can be injected into the lower jaw line to release the muscle pulling the corners of the lips down. Once injected the corners are free to have that happy smile again.

Lipstick Lines, Smoker Lines and The Aging Lip

Dysport is used by Dr. Dean Kane in the lips to minimize the vertical lines along the entire mouth. Whether the lip lines are due to natural expression, smoking or loss of volume from the aging process, Dysport can be injected into these lines along the vermillion border to stop the muscles from squeezing into creases and thereby relaxing the entire mouth. The results are fuller and softer lips without making them any larger.

Smoothing Neck Banding

Over time the bands along the neck can become prominent and create vertical cords along the length of the neck. Dr. Dean Kane injects Dysport right into these bands to relax the tightness and create a softer smoother neck line.

Dysport versus Botox: What is the Difference?

Dysport and Botox are very similar in their overall effects that they produce, like Coke versus Pepsi. But the biggest differences patients of Dr. Kane are finding are that Dysport offers a softer and more natural control of the forehead muscles. Dysport patients of Dr. Kane are saying that they don’t get that super tight hold, but a more relaxed hold of their muscles between their eyebrows and in their forehead. They are pleased that Dysport lasts longer, 4 months, and its effects kick in within several days. So if you forget that you need your wrinkle fix for an important party or event, Dysport is your key to being ready for your big night out.  There are many exciting uses for Dysport to soften various aspect of the face from the brow down to the neck.

The Liquid Facelift

Add Perlane filler into the mix and you get Dr. Dean Kane’s signature “Liquid Facelift.” The Liquid Facelift is using the combination injectables, Dysport and Perlane to plump and fill wrinkles, hollows and lines in the face that would replace the surgical facelift.
Dr. Kane uses Perlane to plump the upper cheeks, fill in the nasal folds and plump up the thinning lips. The magic duo of Dysport and Perlane allows Dr. Kane to provide you that facelift like effect without surgery. You can see the wonderful combination of Dysport and Perlane on Dr. Dean Kane’s gallery of before and after photos on www.DrDeanKane.com.

Having recently moved from Baltimore to Columbia, Dr. Kane now attracts new patients from Columbia and surrounding counties for injectable procedures.