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Dermal Fillers in Columbia with Dr. Dean Kane

What is Dr. Dean Kane’s Liquid Facelift?

Baltimore patients of Dr. Dean Kane are achieving instant facial rejuvenation without surgery. Many patients who have upcoming special occasions within 2 weeks will come to Dr. Kane to get their instant liquid facelift and be completely ready for that event.

In his new office location in Columbia, Dr. Dean Kane uses non-surgical approaches to lift, plump, tighten and smooth the aging face. This non-surgical facial rejuvenation or as Dr. Kane describes his Signature Liquid Facelift uses the winning combination of the wrinkle reducers: Botox, Dysport or NewTox, and Dermal Fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Lyft, Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus or Voluma.

Dr. Kane uses Restylane Lyft to plump the upper cheeks, fill in the nasal folds and plump up the thinning lips. The magic duo of Muscle Relaxers with Restylane Lyft allows Dr. Kane to provide a facelift like effect without surgery. You can see the wonderful combination of Botox, Dysport, NewTox and Restylane on Dr. Dean Kane’s gallery of before and after photos on www.DrDeanKane.com.

Fillers for Non-Surgical Rejuvenation with Dr. Dean Kane

Where can dermal fillers be used in the face?

Dr. Kane an expert injector artfully uses fillers in all areas of the face to fill in wrinkles and plump lost volume of the face. He uses fillers in the Forehead, 11’s in Brow, Temples Cheeks, Nasal Folds, Jowls, Jawline, Chin and Nose and Necklace lines in the Neck.

Will fillers give you a natural appearance?

Dr. Dean Kane has over 33 years of experience injecting fillers in a very natural way creating a rejuvenated appearance.  He has the ability to perk, plump, and restore volume and reduce wrinkles within one hour. The dermal fillers today offer a wide range of options to provide a total rejuvenation of the face.

What are the differences between dermal fillers?

Dr. Dean Kane’s rejuvenates the face from the forehead to the Jowls. In the before and after photos of Dr. Kane’s patients with Liquid Facelifts below, Dr. Kane used Botox in their brows, Restylane Lyft in their temples and cheeks, Restylane Defyne in their nasal folds, Restylane Kysse in their lips, Restylane Lyft in the chin and jawline and Radiesse for the nose.  A total natural instant transformation within one hour achieving immediate gratification.

Dermal Filler FAQ’s

Can you get instant results with dermal fillers?

Yes, that is the beauty of fillers like Restylane Lyft that instantly plump your cheeks to create a very soft pillow that fills the hollows under the eyes.

How many dermal fillers do I need to fill the hollows of my lower eyelids?

Generally, Dr. Kane starts with 1 cc Restylane Lyft per cheek. However, if you have a fairly deep hollow then Dr. Kane would recommend adding in another half per side at the same time or waiting a couple of weeks and seeing how it looks. You can always add in more at anytime.

Which filler is the best to plump up the cheeks?

Dr. Dean Kane’s go-to filler is Restylane Lyft. This filler gives the best plump at the best value. It is very similar to Voluma by Juvederm but Restylane Lyft gives better value for the costs and last the same timing.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Most fillers will last approximately 10 to 12 months. Dr. Dean Kane recommends to not wait the full year so that you maintain same volume from year to year.

What is the difference between Juvederm fillers and Restylane fillers?

They are both hylauronic Acid gel fillers commonly referred to as HA’s. They are produced by two different companies. Allergen makes Juvederm fillers and Galderma makes Restylane fillers. They are competing companies that produce very similar fillers.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

The prices range from $795.00 to $825.00 depending on which filler is best for your face.

What can I do about my dark hollows under my eyes?

I’m Always Looking Tired! Dr. Dean Kane, plastic surgeon and injector in Baltimore, MD, has the ideal solution for dark hollows under the eyes. Dr. Kane uses Radiesse filler to plump the hollowness and lighten the darkness. Patients are always telling Dr. Kane I am always looking tired. The usual cause of darkness is the loss of fat that used to cover over the blue hue of the eye muscle. The muscle of the eyes is now directly exposed right under the skin giving a dark bluish coloration to the skin. A depression is caused by the lack of fat no longer there to plump the lower lids.

What injection techniques are used to place fillers under the eyes within the cheeks?

Generally, there are 2 techniques: tear trough fill and a cannula technique. Dr. Dean Kane being a plastic surgeon likes to use the cannula technique. He first numbs the cheeks and using a blunted needle (cannula) places the fillers deep along the cheek bone. This technique gives a very smooth and pillow like effect to the skin. This avoids having lumps and bumps under the eyes.

I’m seeing my temples getting very hollow as I age, what can be done about this?

Dr. Dean Kane uses Restylane Lyft in the temples using his cannula technique to allow a deep plump of these areas.

What is a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Many people want a minor change to their noses without having have a surgery. With the use of fillers, Dr. Dean Kane uses Restylane Defyne to elevate the tip of the nose, build up the bridge of the nose and camouflage bumps on the nose. It is the perfect solution to achieve a nose-reshaping without surgery.

Can filler be used to revise a surgical rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kane uses fillers to reshape and recontour the nose after a prior nose surgery. Using fillers, he places the filler along the bridge of the nose to hide an unwanted bump, raise the bridge of the nose and even provide a tip elevation to a drooping down tip.

Filler used to revise prior surgical nose job

What can be done about a receded chin without surgery?

Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore uses the fillers Restylane Lyft or Restylane Defyne to extend the chin. These fillers are perfect as it not only makes the chin elongated but gives the chin a softer more defined look. Often 1-2 fillers are needed to make a nice difference.

What can be done about a weak jawline?

Dr. Dean Kane, plastic surgeon of Baltimore, uses the fillers Restylane Defyne or Lyft to inject along the jawline to give it more definition and contour. These fillers extend out the jawline providing a much more stronger appearance.

What can be done about lip lines or smoker lines?

Dr. Dean Kane, a plastic surgeon in Baltimore, has a wide range of options to offer his patients who have smoker lines or are just very thin. Dr. Kane being an expert injector has a variety of lip fillers. The newest filler is Restylane Kysse which gives a very natural plumping of the lips. Once the lips have more volume in them the lip lines are smoothed out. Dr. Kane also likes to use Botox as well to stop the lips from squeezing and making these lip wrinkles. The combination is excellent for both smoothing and plumping out the lips in a very natural effect.

How do I get rid of the 11’s or deep wrinkles between my eyebrows?

When the wrinkles between the eyebrows become permanently creased and often deeper then Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore uses 2 procedures. The first is to use Botox to stop the brow muscles from constantly squeezing and making these creases. Dr. Kane then will also fill it with a fine filler called Revance RH2. It is the perfect filler to gently plump in the crease and wrinkle without making this area look bulky. The filler will last about a year and the Botox will need to be repeated every 4 months.

How do I get rid of the lines across my forehead?

Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore uses a very special filler for the horizontal lines across the forehead. Revance RH2 is a unique filler that plumps the wrinkles without looking lumpy or bumpy. It must be massaged in but then it leaves the forehead very smooth for almost a year.

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Patient below: Botox in Brow, Dermal Filler in Cheeks, Nasal Fold and Lips.*

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Dermal Fillers to Cheeks to Plump Hollows and Lift Nasal Folds

Dr. Kane artistically can lift and plump the sunken area between the lower lids and upper cheeks. While aging plays a part so does genetics in the loss of fat causing the hollowness to occur in younger as well as the more mature patients giving women and men a very tired look with dark circles. Dr. Kane injects Restylane Lyft to fill in this hollowness of each upper cheeks. With a special cannula technique, Dr. Kane uses a blunted needle to try to prevent bruising and allows him to go deep under your own cheek tissues to plump up your natural cheek mound. Dr. Kane calls this plump cheek mound his “Nike Swoosh” because he leaves you with “apple of your cheek.” Dr. Kane uses a minimum of a filler per cheek and the effects will last approximately one year.

Cheek Plump and Lift with Dr. Dean Kane’s “Nike Swoosh Cheeks”

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Dermal Fillers to Plump the Dark Eye Hollows and Cheeks of patient below*

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Why is Radiesse so good for dark circles under the eyes?

Dr. Kane’s go to dermal filler for these concerns is Radiesse. Radiesse is made from synthetic finely ground up calcium called hydroxyapatite and appears as a thick white liquid. Think of Elmer’s glue and that is what Radiesse looks like. Dr. Kane has a unique way of injecting Radiesse.  He places the Radiesse deep along the cheek bone but above your eye muscle plumping your own tissues forward. The Radiesse acts as a concealer under the skin giving a brighter and lighter appearance immediately as soon as it is injected. The hollowness is gone, and the skin is very smooth without any lumps or bumps because Dr. Kane injects deep under your own tissues. You will have an instant result appearing refreshed and no longer appearing tired. Radiesse will last approximately a year so you can look refreshed all year round. You can come back yearly for a refresher injection!

Can dermal fillers help with a weak jawline and chin?

Whether you feel your jawline is uncharacteristically short or your jowling is causing irregularities along the jawline, fillers can help you extend your jawline or make it smoother and more defined. Dr. Dean Kane is an experienced injector and is a gift to the art of injecting. Being a facelift surgeon, he knows how to contour the face to create a defined appearance using fillers without making the face look too bulky or too full. Different fillers can be used in the jawline such as Radiesse or Restylane Lyft. Dr. Kane will determine which is suited for your unique needs and goals. Both these fillers will give you a year-long result.*

How can I get natural looking fuller lips with dermal filler?

Lips are one of the most important features of a woman’s face. Women are incredibly focused on maintaining their youthful smoothness and volume, but at the same time are terribly afraid of bad lip results and the pain of the injections as well. Goldie Hawn in the Good Wives Club and other movie stars today have displayed all that can go wrong and all that can look terribly exaggerated.

Combination Treatments for Lips 

Dr. Kane uses the combination of the muscle relaxers (Botox, Dysport or Newtox) to stop you from squeezing the lips and making them form the lip lines. Then he injects with Restylane Lyft or Kysse for plumping. If you don’t desire bigger lips, but hate the lip lines, then Restylane Refyne is used in the lip border that spreads out the lines and gives you soft natural lips without adding volume to the lips. There are really so many lip options and Dr. Kane is committed to being an expert injector with 35 years of experience to get your lips just right for you.*

Restylane Lyft and Botox for Lips to Smooth Lip lines and Plump Lips of patients below*

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Sadly, most people don’t realize that lip injections done right can be beautiful and extremely natural. Dr. Dean Kane is truly an artist with lips. He knows exactly how to inject, what to inject, and how much to inject to get that perfect restored natural youthful lips and pout. He actively listens to his patients’ desires and selects a personalized approach to get your lips just right for your unique needs.*

Are lip injections painful?

Regarding the pain of the injections, Dr. Kane has a wonderful numbing process that effectively alleviates the pain of the lip injection. While holding ice on the area of injection, Dr. Kane first injects numbing medication into the wet underside of the lips which is much less sensitive and numbs both the inside and outside of the lips. If patients are still very sensitive, then Dr. Kane offers ProNox which is a laughing gas that gives a patient a euphoria sensation and reduces anxiety tremendously.*

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How can dermal fillers help lift the drooping corners of my mouth?

As the face ages, the skin laxity drops all aspects of the face, including the corners of the mouth. This downward turn of the lip corners makes people appear angry, sad, and upset. Dr. Kane uses Restylane filler in these corners to purposefully support and turn the corners upward. By supporting the corners this also helps pull up the skin of the marionette folds as well. So you get two improvements at once. For some women, their marionette folds and downward lips are severe enough that Dr. Kane recommends at least one filler per lip corner and Chin wrinkle*

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Can filler fix nasal folds?

If you have an actual deep wrinkle crease along your nasal fold, Dr. Kane likes to use a Restylane Defyne or Refyne to gentle fill in the wrinkle and to soften the actual crease line and smooth the quality of the line itself. These fillers are excellent to achieve a gentle smoothing of the wrinkle line itself.*

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

But not all nasal folds are the same. Some women have very large nasal folds and hope that a filler would fill in the large area caused by the fold. This is a tricky area and too much filler placed in this area can actually make you look worse and not better. Adding more filler volume can make your face look even more bottom-heavy with greater jowls.

To find out about facial procedures in Columbia, Maryland, call (410) 602-3322 or email Lauri at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com. 

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*Actual patients of Dr. Dean Kane. Results may vary from patient to patient. No results are guaranteed.