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Amazing Results! I Fit In Clothing I Haven’t Worn In 15 Years

I am 61yrs. old, never had a good self image and even more so after having 2 children and 2 surgeries on my stomach. I needed to do something before I got any older and working out wasn’t doing the outward results that I needed to see. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and I have a much better opinion of my outward appearance. Dr. Kane and his staff were so warm and friendly; they made me feel like a part of a family, I always feel special and welcome. When I arrived on the day of my surgery, it was as though I was with a group of girl friends, everyone was so friendly and considerate they put me at ease, and Dr. Kane made me feel safe and I felt complete trust and total faith in his ability to perform the surgery I had come to have done. I know longer feel self conscious in front of the person I spend my life with and I feel good when I dress to go out , the way my clothes fit and the compliments I get helps boost my self image.  It must not be an easy job, trying to make everyone beautiful! But, I must say you are all doing a great job at doing your part. (so just keep on, keep on) God Bless! I was scheduled for a gynecological procedure that involved harvesting fascia from the abdomen. The surgeon inquired whether I would be interested in having an abdominoplasty done at that time. I saw Dr. Kane who was willing to work with the gynecologist. In addition to the abdominoplasty, Dr. Kane felt that liposuction of several areas would give a better overall result. To have the gynecologic and cosmetic procedure entailed 6 hours of surgery. The recovery period was a full 4 weeks. It was rough, but everything went smoothly. The results are amazing. I look better and fit in clothing I haven’t worn for years. The staff was excellent in preparing me pre-operatively and helping me to get through the post op course. They were knowledgeable and compassionate. If one is committed to having cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kane is the surgeon who will help you through your surgery and has the technical expertise to obtain an outstanding result. I have always felt disproportionate when it came to my body, my breasts were always small and after breast feeding two children they became even smaller. After having a friend recommend Dr. Kane, I decided to have a consultation for breast augmentation in 2010. After meeting with Dr. Kane and his staff, I was put at ease and felt very comfortable with knowing that my best interest was at heart and that they could offer me what I was in search of. My overall surgical experience was wonderful. Everything was explained thoroughly and the day of surgery I was very relaxed and even excited to know what I was going to have the breasts I had always wanted. When I awoke from surgery, my pain was very minimal and I knew what to expect in the upcoming days. From the very first visit to present time, I have been very pleased with all of the staff. The nurses, receptionists and support staff have always been very helpful and understanding and were very in tune to my needs and expectations. Make the decision to have breast augmentation has changed my life in so many positive ways. I am now able to wear clothes I never could and my self confidence is incredible. I’m no longer hiding behind baggy shirts and push up bras! As far as I am concerned, Dr. Kane is paramount in his profession. I know he takes pride in his work and he always puts his patients first. My breasts are full and natural looking and I finally feel feminine. Words can’t explain how happy I am with the experience and results I achieved by having this surgery and I would do all over again. Many thanks for Dr. Dean Kane, Lauri Kane, Heather, Holly and the entire staff at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery and MediSpa.

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