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Skin Rejuvenation for Men: Shed the Old Sun Damage Layers Away

…This peel does require conditioning of the skin with ZO Skin Health home program with Retin A prior to the peel. There is also a 5 day downtime where the skin sheds deep outer layers of the skin similar to a snake shedding its outer skin. The results are fantastic…

What is a THERMItight® Neck Lift

…the skin that will emit the radio frequency waves to tighten and stimulate your own collagen and elastin to firm the face and neck. ThermiTight alone enhances patients’ appearance who have mild skin laxity and need the stimulation from this level of energy waves that achieves very effective firming of…


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…& WAXING Special imported wax designed to minimize the irritating effects of waxing. Ideal for sensative skin or those or Retin-A therapy. Eyebrows $25 Lip / Chin $15 ADVANCED SKIN ANALYSIS Individualized Treatment Plan Emerge Skin Perfecting System Dr. Obagi Nu Derm Medi-Spa Moisturizing Skin Line Medi-Spa Theraputic Acne Care…

Facial Rejuvenation for Men in Baltimore Maryland

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The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension for Men

The Neck Lift or Neck Suspension surgery for men is very effective to reduce the size and fullness of the neck without extensive surgery. Dr. Dean Kane himself has had the neck suspension surgery when he was in his…

Medispa Services & Prices

…designed to minimize the irritating effects of waxing. Ideal for sensative skin or those or Retin-A therapy. Eyebrows $25 Lip / Chin $25

ADVANCED SKIN PRODUCTS Individualized Treatment Plan ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD Revision Skin Care & Nectifirm Clarisonic Brush Elta MD


Any changes…

Cat Eye Thread Lift with Dr. Dean Kane in Baltimore

…Kane pulls up on the threads to have them catch the skin from underneath. He actively pulls and lifts the skin back until he identifies that he has lifted the skin into a proper position.

Is There Any Cutting of My Skin?

There is no cutting of the skin,…

Thread Lift in Baltimore

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Face and Neck Thread Lift Treatment Areas

A diversity of Thread Lifts can be used in the following ways to provide instant non-surgical results in the following areas.

Facelift Neck Lift Brow Lift Wrinkle lines in and around the lips Deep neck wrinkles Forehead furrows Crepey Décolleté Skin

Silhouette InstaLift in Baltimore Maryland

…InstaLift by placing special anchoring sutures under the skin that pulls the lax skin of the face and neck upward toward the temple hairline lifting the skin of the nasal folds, jowls and turkey neck.

There are tiny cones structures along the sutures that are attached to a very…