THERMIdry® and THERMIrase®

THERMIdry® is a treatment which targets underarm sweating. Using the controlled heat under local anesthesia reduces the sweat glands’ ability to Botox or Dysport. Now available with Dr. Dean Kane at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa in Baltimore.

THERMIrase® is a minimally invasive procedure in which Dr. Kane can disable the nerves of the forehead that cause the frown lines between the eyebrow, or often dubbed the “11’s”, as well as the crow’s feet and small bunny lines on the bridge of the nose. Dr. Kane also uses THERMIrase® to smooth bands in the neck and the forehead. Recent studies have shown that the effect of THERMIrase® can last up to over a year. THERMIrase® can be used as an alternative to Botox® or Dysport® which requires treatments 3-4 times a year. Results are immediate.

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