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Opciones para la cara inferior caída de finales de los 20s

   ¿Miniestiramiento o estiramiento faciales medio a finales de los 20s para la cara inferior caída? (fotos) Estoy en mis últimos 20s y siento que mi mitad de la cara se ha caído mucho en los últimos años. Las fotos no me hacen justicia, pero arrastran mi cara hacia abajo haciendo que mis ojos se… Read more »

Love Your Laser Treatments

In a world of technology, laser treatments continue to advance in diversity of what can be treated and their increased effectiveness.  However it can also be very confusing for the consumer who tries to understand all the different lasers out in the market. In our Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa in Baltimore, Dr. Dean… Read more »

Laser Hair Removal and Different Skin Types

We have a tremendous experience in taking care of patients  of all skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, skin types and problems. We offer an array of laser services, medical grade peels and products to meet the needs of our very diverse patient base.  We provide convenient extended appointment hours from Monday through Saturday and late evening… Read more »

Don’t Vie for Great Skin, Get a VI Peel!

VI peel, Pikesville, MD
If you have skin, it’s aging. Your skin is affected by UV light in the sunshine and by the dryness in the air and the heat of your shower and countless other factors. Because your skin is aging, you may be looking for ways to refresh it. Here, we want to let you know why… Read more »

Skin Care Treatments

In the Baltimore MediSpa of Dr. Dean and Lauri Kane, they have dedicated their Practice to provide comprehensive treatments for all skin issues. Whether you want prevention of skin aging, acne, oiliness, sun-damage, acne scarring, red issues, brown pigmentation and prevention of skin cancers, we  have skin care products and treatments that take care of… Read more »

Face-It Fitness Boot Camp Series

  We are going to keep you beautiful! You may be at home, but don’t lose your glow.  Get your skin in shape and join us for our Face-It Fitness Boot Camp. Click here to learn more about our current special on product orders.   How to Order Skin Products: Please fill out our order… Read more »

Dr. Dean Kane’s 5 Latest and Greatest Cosmetic Technologies to make a New You in 2013

Dr. Dean Kane, board certified in plastic surgery, keeps up with the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures while combining the good old traditional technologies to achieve truly effective approaches to a new you. In a seminar and live demonstrations of these combined non-surgical approaches, guests will be able to touch, feel and learn how… Read more »