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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Chubby Knee Options

Q. Looking into different treatments for my knees. I need advice on deciding between all the different treatments. CoolSculpting?  I’m 42 years old, physically fit but have always had chubby droopy knees. Lately I’ve been looking into coolsculpting but not sure if that will help at all and tired of spending money on treatments that… Read more »

Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Asymmetric Facial Aging Options

Q: Would Botox or filler be best to either lift the one side or fill my asymmetrical top lift? Early and asymmetric facial aging options: fillers, fat, lipo-contouring, tightening, lifting. A: Thanks for sharing these photos. I see your concerns and they are due to the natural asymmetry of us, humans, and the beginnings of… Read more »