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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Skin Aging: Creasing: Lines, Wrinkles and Folds

Q. What options are out there can help with mid face/smile wrinkles? I am 54 and when I smile i have terrible lines across my cheeks from my cheek bone down to my lip area. I have had Botox, fillers and microneedling with no success. I’m not sure if the aesthetician was to aggressive since… Read more »

The History of the Facelift

History chronicles the facelift along with warfare and aristocracy. At the beginning of the last century, following so many conflicts impaling faces and necks with caustic liquids, arrows, knives and now bullets, first aid was offered by simply wrapping material over the wound and allowing it to heal with contorted scars. World War I and… Read more »

I want a smooth forehead and to get rid of frown lines. Would you recommend Botox, Dysport, Juvederm or any other filler?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. I make a LOT of facial expressions and now I’m noticing a lot of deep lines formed on my forehead even when I’m not scrunching it. Static lines? Do I get Botox or Dysport? Or would I need to get fillers? I’m not big on injectables but I want… Read more »

Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding a Downturned Mouth

Q: Is there a procedure that helps a downturned mouth? I‘m considering a lower face/neck lift, will that help with the appearance of a frown? A: Thanks for sharing your photos. It is helpful but not complete. I notice the aging process of skin laxity, folds, jowls and asymmetry. The beginnings of facial skin laxity… Read more »

Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Facial Skin Tightening

Q: What are the best non-surgical options for face, jaw, neck tightening, and possible acne scars? A: Thanks for sharing your photos. They are helpful and demonstrate your concerns. I find some expected asymmetry; cheek, nasojugal, nasolabial and marionette folds associated with skin and fat laxity; and large pores and acne scars. Collagen loss begins… Read more »