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Silhouette InstaLift in Baltimore Maryland

…says it all: you get an instant lift at the completion of the procedure.

Patient Experience with the Silhouette InstaLift and ThermiTight Duo

What Is Silhouette InstaLift?

The Silhouette InstaLift if a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that lifts the skin laxity of the face and neck using…

Thread Lift in Baltimore

Model with Arrows and Lines Outlining Areas of the Face

Face and Neck Thread Lift Treatment Areas

A diversity of Thread Lifts can be used in the following ways to provide instant non-surgical results in the following areas.

Facelift Neck Lift Brow Lift Wrinkle lines in and around the lips Deep neck wrinkles Forehead furrows Crepey Décolleté Skin…

Facial Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland

facelift featured
…of Neck Muscles

*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Silhouette Instalift

Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive facelift option that leaves no visible scars. The Silhouette InstaLift features dissolvable threads that lift facial tissue and stimulate collagen production. Dr. Kane uses the unique…

Facial Rejuvenation for Men in Baltimore Maryland

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…to tighten the skin laxity of the neck. Both procedures are described below:

Silhouette InstaLift and PDO EuroThread Lift for Men

The thread lift is back using Silhouette InstaLift (SIL) sutures or PDO Eurothreads! Dr. Dean Kane’s experience with prior Contour Threads for a minimally invasive facelift was unparalleled…