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Sculptra and Clearlif: The great Synergy Team for Facial Tightening and Firming

Our two favorite procedures for skin tightening and firming are Sculptra and ClearLift Laser. ClearLift and Sculptra are a great synergy team for tightening and firming of the facial skin.  ClearLift Laser stimulates your collagen through a laser process and Sculptra provides more direct stimulation being injected throughout the face.  We are seeing fabulous thickening,… Read more »

Sculptra – The Secret for A Long Lasting Face Lift

The truth is, the liquid facelifts using fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm Ultra and Radiesse were developed to last up to a year in which the results slowly fade away. However, Sculptra is the secret for a longer lasting facelift. Sculptura is an injectable filler that lasts longer than many of the others typically used… Read more »

Lauri Kane’s 3 Personal “Fountain of Youth” Treatments

Here is the unfortunate fact: we all keep aging on a daily basis. Over the years, these small daily changes build up subtly and begins to show its “ugly face” starting around 40ish and just keeps going downhill from there. While your alternative is even more undesirable, we need to be grateful to be alive… Read more »

Learn The Sculptra Secret from Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane

Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane is introducing The Sculptra Secret for the Long Lasting Liquid Face Lift. Sculptra is an injectable filler that will give a beautiful natural plumping of the face by stimulating your own collagen production to fill the hollows, lines and folds of the face for up to 25… Read more »

Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma: The Two Newest Longest Lasting Injectables for the NEW YEAR

We are always looking for the best and longest lasting non-surgical filler and volumizer. Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma are now offering the longest lasting effects, for 2 years, but are very different from each other. Sculptra: The Collagen Stimulator Sculptra is in a class all its own as it is NOT a filler. Sculptra is… Read more »